Guide to Vowel Length and Syllable Accent

The symbols,˘, ˉ, and ˊ, following an entry identify (1) the number of syllables in the word, (2) the length of the vowel or diphthong in each syllable, and (3) on which syllable(s) the primary accent is placed. The symbol, ˘, denotes a short vowel. The symbol, ˉ, denotes a long vowel. Accent is indicated by ˊ.

As an example, the pronunciation field for handelwese is ˘ˊ ˘ ˉ ˘, which indicates that: (1) handelwese has four syllbles; (2) that the "a" in the first syllable is short, that the "e" in the second syllable is short, that the "e" in the third syllable is long, and that the "e" in the last syllable is short; and (3) that the first syllable is accented.

Guide to Pronunciation—Vowels

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